Cleveland’s Finast Boogie Shae she’s (Raw and Uncut)

Boogie Shae talks about her new video and up and coming music projects.

June 1, 2022 

Cleveland artist Boogie Shae comes hot to the table with not only her bars on records but her mindset as well. In an interview, she said “To be honest.. I think I should be me” which is a powerful and important realization for any creative searching for longevity and impact. “I gotta be raw and uncut,” she says as she continues to express her genuine love and representation for what she does.

When asked about her style, Boogie Shae curved the work rugged and went with the term boyish. It’s clear through her records like “Real Sh*&t/NO SLEEP” that she carries a confident demeanor in and out of music and is always ready to get lit with it regardless. Check out the music video for this hit with the provided link below to go show love to this Cleveland icon and enjoy the visual with all the girls, vibes, and bars you could think of.

This Video is just one step in the manifestation of her stardom. As time moves forward we can expect more visuals and hit records from Boogie Shae. She mentioned that she really plans to push content on youtube. You already know that means we’re gonna be on the lookout over here so y’all better subscribe!!

When asked about what inspired her to make music she said it was everything she’s been through. Her life in the streets and what she’s overcome to make her life what it is now. She knows people can relate and even though she believes her music caters to men mostly right now she plans to top into what she calls the “girly side” where we can maybe expect a change in the vibe for some upcoming records.

We’re all here and excited to see what happens next but all we can do now is join the family, support what we already got and be on the lookout for new media! Y’all make sure to hit the links below and subscribe and watch her music videos so far and get ready for big moves coming soon…